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Solid competence since 1961


In 1961 Luigi Oldani and Ferruccio Portaluppi, who at the time had already gained a long experience in the mechanical engineering sector, founded the company Oldani and Portaluppi, and for about 30 years exclusively supplied the trade.
In 1991 the sons and daughters of the two partners joined the company, and soon decided to promote the firm both on the Italian and foreign markets by perfecting and guaranteeing the characteristics of their production.

What the company is most proud of is the consistent quality of its products which are manufactured using only high quality raw materials, paying great attention of the manufacturing process and using the best heat treatment.
A large of consumables for all cardboard machinery is always available on stock, while special tools, made from drawings, are manufactured on request in a short time.
Thanks to the repeated investments and the dedication of a qualified staff, the company can mention among its customer the most important Italian groups and has notable foreign business partners.
Our customer’s loyalty is the best proof of our company’s commitment.

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Quality of the products the sign of distinction

Oldani & Portaluppi is capable to supply all the knives and creasers of the most popular manufactures of printer slotters and casemakers as:
Martin, Emba, Curioni, Gandossi & Fossati, Massenzana, Piemonte Meccanica etc.

Furthermore, only with written specifications, O. & P. Can supply knives of others manufactures.

On demand, it can be possible to study special profile for special applications

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