Bimac - boxmakers and slitter-scorers


Bimac, located in Bologna, since 1991 manufactures machinery for the corrugated board converting.

The main significative productions are:

  1. Boxmaker serie Box Star in the three version Q, M, HD
  2. Slitter scorer serie Expanding

1. Boxmaker serie Box Star

  • Box Star Bimac Q = entry level model with five heads – single axle – 2800 mm width – manual feeder – screen panel displays 200 formats already disegned. See the attached PDF:
    stock save-pdf
  • Box Star Bimac M = single / double axles – axles work on X and Y dimension – it can be equipped up to 11 heads (5 + 6 heads on X and Y axes) – computerized heads movement – manual or automatic feeder – Possibility to mount a ink-jet printer. See the attached PDF:
    stock save-pdf
  • Box Star Bimac HD = high definition model – specific for heavy duty corrugated board 7 / 9 layers up to 18 mm thickness. See the attached PDF:
    stock save-pdf

Boxmaker Box Star


2. Slitter-Scorer Bimac Expanding

Slitter-Scorer “BIMAC-EXPANDING” is a particularly suitable machine for creasing and slotting of cardboard sheets from 1 up to 16 mm thickness.

The machine is equipped with air-expansion shafts for a quick setting. The position of the creasing and slotting tools is constantly displayed on a screen for a prompt and accurate position control. Through the touch-screen control panel it is possible to adjust the following parameters: working speed, n° of pieces manufactured, n° of pieces to produce, cardboard thickness to work, automatic closing-opening of expansion shafts, machine starting, machine stopping, machine alarms.

For any others information about the technical features and performance, please see the attach documentation.


  • Format 2800 - 3300 mm
  • Rapid setup-times
  • Direct-drive technology
  • Touch-screen computer control panel
  • “Star-Feed” vacuum lead edge feeder
  • Modular airshafts
  • Slitting/Creasing Heads are useable on all shafts
  • Power transmission via toothed belt
  • Low maintenance / No lubrication required
  • Automatic feed roll adjustment based on sheet thickness
  • Silver chromium coated shafts
  • Corrugated thickness sensor
  • Digital display for laser point setting
  • Automatic thickness gauge
  • Laser point measuring system for rapid setup
  • 8 pairs of creasing heads (heads are split and can be used on upper or lower shafts)
  • 5 pairs of slitting heads (heads are split and can be used on upper or lower shafts)


  • Slit score-perforating heads




Some images - Slitter-Scorer Bimac Expanding

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