TCY: Casemakers - Slotters - Rotary die cut


De-Ro is the TCY exclusive agent in SLO – HR – SRB – BiH – MK – MNE – RKS for the sale of the following machines:

starting from the very brand new 618 miniline Q Series 9PAQ Servo Motor (660mm x 1800 mm),

618 miniline Q Serije 9PAQ

and the traditional miniline gear motor model: 9PA (660x1800 with top printing and vacuum transfer), up to the Jumbo 11PAB (5.500 x 2200).

The TCY’s range covers all the intermediate sizes required from the worldwide market.
9PA: 660x1800
5PA: 1000x2200 e 1000x2500
6PA: 1200x2500 / 1200x2750 / 1200x3000
8PA: 1600x2200 / 1600x2600 / 1600x3000 / 1600x3600 / 1600x4000 / 1600x4200
11PAB: 2200x4100 / 2200x4800 / 2200x5200 / 2200x5500

The series 5PA, 6PA e 8PA are in the top and bottom printing version and also available on demand with the vacuum transfer.
TCY is present on the market also with a corrugator line: from wet-end to dry-end.


For further information please visit the web site or contact directly De-Ro filling the form you find on our web site


Several photos TCY machines


Video clips

View of the company TCY - Taiwan (2’44’’)


660X1800 miniline TCY - 9PA top printing at Shanghai exhibition ( 4’22’’)


1000X2500 midline – TCY 5PA-FGT installed in Turkey ( 3’14’’)


1200X2500 inline – TCY 6PA – FGT installed in England (3’34’’)


1600X3000 – TCY mod. 8PA installed in Turkey (2’35’’)


More TCY videos:

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