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Air-cleaning-machine CP60XSVR, based on a decennial experience, is a well-rounded, environmental and inexpensive system that allows to make anilox sleeves' and rollers' cleaning and maintenance operations in completely independent way, also in small companies, due to the reduced operating costs and low first investment.

Anilox sleeves cleaning
Anilox cylinder cleaning

Air-cleaning machine CP60XSVR is a system that allows:
- surfaces' cleaning from incrustations of water or solvent based ink
- surfaces' cleaning from resin or varnishes
- anilox cylinder and sleeve's cleaning, with any length, weight and diameter
- cleaning of any other machine's particular with a bearing surface of more than 60 mm which is the diameter of the brush head

Cleaning and maintenance operations in completely independent way.

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Air-cleaning machine CP60XSVR


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