Circular blades for corrugator



Lanz has been established in the 60's, in Torino – Italia.
Over the years Lanz has acquired a great experience in the processing and treatment of special steels.
Over 30 years, Lanz produces razor cut and counter-blades for flexible material.

Lanz production:

circular knives (razor cut) for the most important corrugators
producers as:
- Agnati
- Fosber
- Mitsubishi
- Marquip

grinder for sharpening in-line:
- CBN for steel blades
- DIAMANTED for tungsten carbide blades

materials used:
- High Speed Steel: HSS – S600 – M2
- Sintered Steels: ASP – K390 – CPM10V
- Tungsten Carbide

De-Ro offers razor cut by Lanz for the slitter scorer of the corrugators in the following territories: SLO-HR-SRB- BiH- MNE-MK-RKS-AL-GR
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