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Ser.mac Group, established in 1990, is leader in manufacturing tailor-made machinery and systems for processing fresh fruit and vegetables: from feeding, to sorting, to selection of quality (color, diameter, defects and weight) to packaging.

- feeding: it is the line starting point.
Ser.mac, designs and manufactures self-adjusting dry bin dumpers and gentle dumpers using water for delicate products.
Bin feeding on the dumper can be performed using a trans pallet or a forklift.

- sorting: it is the core of the entire processing system. Ser.mac graders are capable of sorting over than 30 different products with precision and reliability.
The large range of graders by Ser.mac can sort fruits and vegetables by weight, shape, size, internal and external quality, defects and color, thanks to a home tested cutting-edge technology, guaranteed over time, with on-line service.

- easy to use: software controlling the graders has been expressly designed to be easy to use, user friendly and according to customer needs.
The machine can be quickly set according to your needs by means of an easy to use display.
The modularity of our machines and flexibility of our engineers' design techniques allow us to meet the user's most peculiar needs, including routine and extraordinary maintenance made easier.

- packing: capable of supplying individual components, Ser.mac provides complete and customized solutions, like palletizing system, strapping and wrapping machines besides conveyor systems.
Our palletizing systems are controlled by a single supervision system that monitors all parts of the packing line. Products can be packed and managed automatically and in a personalized way according to the specific needs of the customer.

- packing with preselection: essential in the preselection process. Bins filling is achieved delicately and optimally.
These machines are driven by a microprocessor that controls all operations automatically.
The belt conveyor transports the product delicately and the special rotating disc distributes it evenly without damaging it.

De-Ro d.o.o. works with Ser.mac in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. For further information please visit the website


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