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IPI is a full system supplier operating worldwide in the field of aseptic packaging of beverage products for over 30 years. IPI is part of Coesia, a Group of innovation-based industrial solutions companies operating globally and headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

With hundreds of lines installed and a billion of cartons sold worldwide each year, IPI plays an important role in the aseptic packaging systems, providing its own:
• Aseptic filling machines
• Opening and closing systems
• High performance packaging material
• Technical service

Our R&D dept. has enabled us to gain a significant position as an innovative company able to offer new package sizes and shapes, new caps and new filling machines.
Cooperation agreements with key companies allows us to supply from single lines to big turn-key projects.
IPI is proud to be, in this market, one of the three worldwide existing suppliers of complete systems.

De-Ro collaborates with IPI in the following territories:

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