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Founded in 1947 by the Nava Family, the Vega Group is nowadays a point of reference in the packaging market for the production of machineries for folding and gluing die-cut boxes made of solid and corrugated board and plastic materials.

During these last 65 years the evolution of this sector has modified this Group and the Product making them more competitive in the local and international market. From a production point of view, Vega's choice is always the same: the Vega Group promotes a "Made in Italy" Product, engineered and assembled in Italy by qualified Italian manpower and enriched with the most important electronical, mechanical and pneumatic components of European Brand. All this leads to a Product which corresponds to the Customer's production needs, from the standard box to the "special" one. Thanks to its company structure and its engineering and production streamlining Vega is able to customize the product.

That's why the Vega Group can be widely considered a "tailor" who cuts and sews the product to Customer's measure.

The Group is composed by:

02 vega-srl  VEGA Srl

Head Quarter, R&D Area, Machines Test & Assembling, Demonstration Room, Stock Warehouse, Service & Sales Department, Account.

03 meccanica magentina MECCANICA MAGENTINA Srl

Productive C.N.C. center with more than 35 years of experience in the production of cardboard industry machines.

04 vega-international-project I.P. VEGA INTERNATIONAL PROJECT Srl

It is focused on the reconditioning and overhauling of second hand machines.

05 saimmel electronica


Electronic heart of Vega machines, Saimel design and assemble the automation of Vega Machine.



Machinery range for corrugated cardboard


06 vega-altair

This machine is available in four sizes: 160, 200, 240 and 290 cm and it is made of advanced technological solutions useful to assure good quality production in the folding and gluing of corrugated board boxes (N, F, E, B, C , A, K, EB, BC and BA Flutes) up to 30 mm of closed box thickness. The possible productions are the following ones: standard and American boxes, crash lock bottom, 4 and 6 corners, reversed crash lock bottom and with partitions inside.

07 vega-altair-2





In order to increase the kind of boxes that can be run with the Vega Altair, two coupling machines are available: the Vega AF and the Vega ADF.

VEGA ADF 160 – 200 – 240 - 290

08 vega-adf

The double feeder, VEGA ADF, is the most sophisticated accessory of Vega has. It has been manufactured to be coupled to big sizes machineries Altair from 160 to 290 cm and not only Vega brand.
Being completely motorized, it is also equipped of a suction belts brushless motorized double feeder, programmable by means of the VIS System (Vega Integrated System). The perfect joining of the lower and upper blanks is guaranteed by 5 frontal upper and lower lays driven by brushless motors in order to get the best quality at the highest production.





De-Ro collaborates with Vega S.r.l. in the corrugated cardboard industry in the following countries: Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Bosnia Herzegovina – Macedonia – Montenegro – Kossovo.

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