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Diamelt s.r.l. is the newest company of Diatec group, born thank to the will of Cav. Diego Mosna.


Diamelt has its own headquarters and production site inside Diatex S.p.A. and it is specialized in the formulation and selling of GLUES and INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVES based on "hot" tecnologies (Hot Melt) and "cold" tecnologies (water base glues).

Diamelt products are mainly used in the following markets:

1) Packaging: hot melt adhesives, used on automatic industrial packaging lines, for closing any kind of boxes and trays, specifically in the food, beverages and durable goods.


2) Labeling: water base glues (synthetic and casein) for labeling glass bottles (beers, sparkling water, wines, oil, milk) or hot melt glues for labeling PET and PVC bottles (sparkling water, milk, juices, oil).


3) Bookbinding:

4) Paper Converting: water base hot melt glues used for the production of paper and cardboard boxes; for the production of shoppers to glue the handles (flat and round) and for special sack to seal the internal plastic films.


Diamelt bases his own expertise on the former employees of the multinational Forbo, specialized on production of hot melt adhesive and water base glues.
Diatex was an active partner of Forbo, as a great consumer of hot melt for his own production: cartene, cardboard for models, plotter papers, white and printed papers, normal and heatseal papers, micro e macro perforated papers for the textile and garment industry.

De-Ro is exclusive agent for Diamelt in the following countries: Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Bosnia Herzegovina – Macedonia – Montenegro – Kossovo.

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