Stretch film


hipac-groupThe HIPAC Group was founded in 1991 and it is one of the main European producers of polyethylne films.
Hipac S.p.A., located nearby Brescia – Italy, is the head company and it manages two other compagnie: Iberhipac S.A. – Spain and Hipac Romania S.r.l..
Hipac from his Italian HQ, operates in the national market and in the central / northern European countries, while the subsidiaries supply locally and in the neighborhood.

Since 1991 the "Mission" defined by the company was clear and determinate: concentrate on one packaging sector only in order to became a leader. Notice that the name for the company Hipac is a contraction of "High Performance Packaging".

HIPAC research policy is based on:

  • thickness downsizing
  • mechanical properties improvement
  • development of films free of disposable materials (cores, boxes ect), which are not needed for the final packaging
  • render the entire range of films biodegradable

Better results with both economical and ecological benefits

De-Ro collaborates with Hipac S.p.A. in Croatia.

For any further informations please contact Hipac at +39 – 030 – 77.50.610


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