Noxon - Semi automatic wrapping and taping machine

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Noxon affirms itself on the global market as a leader in designing and producing wrapping machines and pallet stabilization with stretch films.

The Noxon range comprises self-propelling robots and wrapping machines with rotating table for pallet stabilization, winders with rotating ring for horizontal wrapping of elongated shaped products and manual and automatic sealer machines to close cardboard boxes.

All Noxon products are reliable and of the highest quality, and fully comply with the strictest safety regulations and use the latest technological solutions throughout their entire production process.

Noxon’s ten-year presence and experience in the packaging sector enables it to offer cutting edge technological solutions and provide high quality service in a timely manner all over the world.

These are the reasons why Noxon is considered to be one of the leading companies in the packaging sector in selling wrapping machines and packaging machines for industrial use.

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